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Our firm makes a strong commitment to helping you understand your financial future and provide you with the financial advice you need to secure your future today! Offices located in Kamloops BC, Kelowna BC, Burnaby BC, Red Deer AB, Edmonton AB and Calgary AB.

Disability & Critical Illness: “If you were too sick or hurt to work, how much income would you want your family to have?”

Retirement: “What are your thoughts on retirement? How do you envision spending your 60s, 70s and 80s?”

Education: “What role do you see yourself playing, financially or otherwise, in the education of your children?”

Asset allocation: “How are your investments working for you? Are you in proper investments?”

Major purchases: “What major purchases or expenses do you see occurring, over the next 3 years? 10 years?”

Survivor income: “Of all the things you look forward to in your future, how would your family’s objectives change if you didn’t make it home tonight? What would you want me to tell your survivors about your intentions for them?”

My independence allows me to dispense to you the best possible alternatives and allows me to provide you with unparalleled objective advice.

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