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Master distributor of janitorial and sanitation supplies.

Great International Paper Inc. is an established paper supplies distribution Company with its headquarter located in Toronto Ontario, Canada. This company was created to provide the Industry with a cost efficient alternative from the traditional paper supply companies.

Our Vision
The vision of GIP is to provide the market place with the highest quality paper products at an affordable price.

Our Mission
The mission of GIP is to provide the highest quality service to our customers and never compromise quality by doing continuous research and development. Our employees are very vital to our success as we are interdependent on each other, we are a family oriented company who believes that no one person is responsible for success but collectively as a team we will reach our goals. We must never forget that we are a part of a community that requires every individual to play their part in the uplifting of each other.

Our sources
Our product does not only come from local distributors, but we are also importing paper from factories from South East Asia who adhere to the environmental guidelines. GIP was assigned special exclusivity right agreements from the factories to design and distribute their products for the territory of North America, South America, Caribbean and other continents. The list of the countries keeps growing each month. Each supplier endures an audit by us before business is conducted with them. The source of our pulp is approved and certified by Forest Stewardship Council. This extract is from the tropical rainforest and is famous for its long strain fiber that makes a better quality tissue paper for everyone who encounters it.

Our Community InvolvementGIP is committed to work with local community organizations. The owners of GIP have a long standing record of working with organizations that continues to provide great value to our community.

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