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What's in a name?  Sometimes everything!  We want to help you to, Keep It Simple.  This is the very heart of our programs and is repeated in our tag line: Simple Payments, Clear Value.  Our merchant processing service is unequalled, and we can help you to acquire needed funds for your business, through several flexible financial products, no collateral required.

Our services are geared towards getting your business better able to stand on its own, without the owner having to stay joined at the hip, to prop it up! Imagine the stress relief when you can get a vehicle or lease new equipment without putting up collateral. Let us show you how!

Payment Processing, with a personal twist!  Do you feel Payment Processing is a corrupt industry? Well, so do we!  If not outright corrupt, it's certainly confusing and frustrating to many Canadian merchants.We say that for a couple of reasons: first, our founder wrote the only book out there about the Canadian Credit Card Processing Industry; and second, we have spent a lot of time learning to decipher and explain our competitors’ convoluted monthly statements.

Do you know what you're paying and why?  If not, now's the time to work one-on-one with our Consultants to find out.  Our company Consultants are industry veterans, committed to helping you understand the system and making sure that you're processing your payments in the most efficient and cost effective way possible for YOUR business.   

ASK - Always Seek Knowledge!

We can be a huge help to businesses just by simplifying areas of their business that are traditionally a source of great aggravation – payment processing and unsecured business funding. Why not let us review your situation and show you the difference we can make for you?   

Take advantage of our Interchange + pricing, get personal one-on-one service from one of our Consultants, and combine this with the 5% Cashback and Shopping Point advantages of the Cashback World Program.

Empower your business today - Call us at (888) 484-3389 to request a no obligation introductory appointment with one of our Business Funding Consultants.

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