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Delicious all-you-can-eat hot pot food, proper décor and - you guessed it - a handful of pool and snooker tables to keep you occupied all night makes Master Mix a go-to spot in the core of Chinatown. The first step is visit the Master Mix hot pot restaurant on the second floor, one of the leading hot pot connoisseurs in Toronto. Serving the highest quality of meats and fresh vegetables, it's no wonder that this gleaming restaurant overlooking the heart of Chinatown is always busy every night of the week. Whatever you decide to cook in it, their specialty stocks and soups like Kimchi Pot and Pumpkin Milky Pot are sure to deliver a kick. That being said, vegetarian options are also available. It is definitely a must try for every hot pot fanatic. Once your belly is full with delicious food you are ready to head downstairs to the most notable billiards location in Chinatown. Play for fun and immerse yourself in the game of pool and snooker or a thrilling conversation with your friends and family to help you get loose for the big night ahead.

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