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Amy Keller-Rempp is a talented artist who started to paint when she was only ten years old. Over the last two decades, she has developed an incredible talent to draw and paint wildlife and scenery. Growing up in rural Ontario allowed Amy to observe many different types of animals and birds living on the land and lakes that surrounded her home. Amy moved to Alberta over seven years ago and has been inspired by all the nature that surrounds her in Western Canada. This move has given her a larger perspective of this beautiful country and has inspired her to grow as an artist and to explore several new exciting styles of painting. Amy’s love for wildlife stands out and is portrayed through her beautifully acrylic and oil paintings. She invests hours on each painting creating beautiful pieces flowing with colour, life, expression, energy and feeling. She loves to show the animal’s spirit through its eyes, actions, and expressions, every small detail counts.

Amy Keller-Rempp was born with her artistic talent; she believes it is an amazing gift from God. Throughout her school years she stood out with her natural artistic ability. At the age of twelve Amy won a 50th anniversary art contest for Smokey the Bear in the Eastern Ontario area. The prize was a helicopter ride and a meeting with Smokey the Bear. This was the beginning for Amy — she realized that she did have an outstanding gift. She went on to complete her education by attending Sir Sanford Fleming College, school of fine arts, in Haliburton, Ontario. She works to improve and refine her talent to bring life, feeling and energy to her creations. To that effect, Amy taught herself to understand and paint with an airbrush, and completed paintings on vehicles, helmets, walls, buildings and canvas. She donates prints and original work to many different events and charities to give back to others and to nature itself.  

With every painting, Amy’s skill continues to grow. With her move to Alberta, she developed several new styles of paintings, the first one being called "Modern Impressionism". That style, featuring a more contemporary style of painting, incorporates animals into a bright, loose, colourful style of painting, and granted Amy a feature at the Calgary Stampede three years in a row. Her second unique style called "Sky Dance Series" is featuring Northern Lights colours with wildlife emerging from the sky, which is very successful in Canada and worldwide. Finally, her latest new style, called "Metal Art", combines grinding and automotive airbrushing on metal canvas, which brings stunning results. She recently completed two big murals at the Fort McMurray International Airport, featuring this new unique style. 

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