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Mission: Too often, a business's online strategy presents a wide departure from its actual business strategy due to a limited understanding of how to harness the vast potential of online media.  At WYK Web Solutions, we continually research and analyze online strategies, openly share this information with our clients, and work with them to build and implement advanced online strategies. We accomplish this through providing highly specialized services, and developing and training our clients’ in-house online marketing teams.

Long Term Vision: In the spirit of an online strategy think-tank, we aim to be thought-leaders through constant research, experimental testing, and ongoing concept-sharing within the online marketing community. In order to realize this vision, we have a information-sharing cohort of experts worldwide, including competitors, leading search engineers and industry leaders. It is not our goal to become the largest provider of such services, because we firmly believe that training clients to self-perpetuate their online strategies is the best long-term strategy. That said, we continually build on our team of leading-edge innovators who facilitate the launch of online strategies for forward-thinking clients, specifically those organizations who seek to harness the fullest extent of what the internet can offer.  Our team consists of the following:

•    Online strategy consultants who directly liaise with clients
•    Online marketing experts (SEO and Social Media) who execute programs
•    Web designers and programmers to enhance websites
•    Content development professionals to write and edit client content

As a small professional services firm, WYK Web Solutions has a flat operating structure to maximize team building and idea-sharing.

Since 2006, we have served prominent Calgary businesses with innovative online and mobile solutions.

While most firms in the website design and online marketing industry focus on solely boosting rankings in search engines such as Google (i.e. use only SEO techniques), at WYK Web Solutions we understand that this is only one way to achieve online success.  Strategic combination of several techniques such as outreach programs to qualified bloggers, thoughtful social media interaction, excellent content development and broad content syndication compound the effects SEO and serve to greatly improve the quality of traffic being generated. Further, we fully disclose all techniques, and train you and your staff to perpetuate these initiatives with us. In short, our aim is to ensure you fully realize your online potential to become a leading authority in your industry.

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