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Merchant Card Services 
For Cashback World SMEs only: Baseline Processing Inc., Highlights:
Guaranteed lowest credit & debit card processing fees available anywhere, PLUS, Cashback: 
            2% Cashback & 1 Shopping Point/$ 150 on your transaction fees;
5% Cashback & 6 Shopping Points/$ 150 on Terminal process or lease;
VirtualMerchant Risk-Avoidance System;
Recurring Billing Programs & PCI-Compliant Security;
UnionPay Cards & e-Commerce.
Right Now: Baseline is one of very few Merchant Service Providers authorized to process the full range of card present and, for the first time for anyone, all e-commerce transactions, in North America for UnionPay cardholders.
What is UnionPay?  It is China’s equivalent of Visa & MasterCard combined.  UnionPay has the largest cardholder base in the world.  And its members are constantly becoming richer, travelling more, and buying more, aggressively so.
Now, as a Cashback World SME, you can get all of the benefits that Baseline provides, PLUS, you can now also accept UnionPay cards & e-commerce payments from your customers who don’t use Western or European credit/debit cards, but who are members of the largest & fastest-growing cardholder group on Planet Earth.
Baseline Processing, headquartered in Vancouver, specializes in Business to Business partnerships.  Baseline offers a full range of Merchant Services to soon to be a thousand businesses, large & small, in the U.S. and Canada.  And now, Baseline is a proud member of the rapidly growing Cashback World network of SMEs. 
If you are the decision-maker for a Cashback World SME, or about to become a Cashback World SME, take advantage now of our low rates, with Cashback & more:
Can your business benefit from recurring billing (card on file) transactions, like so many Fortune 500 companies do?  If so, Baseline now offers you its VirtualMerchant System™. 
Do you know that if your billing or CRM system is not PCI compliant, you risk a fine of $ 25,000, plus costs of forensic investigations, per instance for any card data that is hacked or otherwise taken or lost from you?
Eliminate this potential catastrophic SME risk: Have Baseline setup a PCI-compliant card data system for your business that eliminates the risk of enormous fines from data hacks or employee theft, & provides recurring charges.
Baseline’s client transaction volume is fast approaching One Billion (with a B) Dollars annually in Merchant Card services.  Baseline is a full merchant service provider, offering a complete range of state-of-the-art terminals, virtual terminals, smart-phone mobile swipers and applications, and E-Commerce solutions, all smoothly integrated with the Cashback World SME back-office and Salesforce systems.
And now, our newest Payment Partner: UnionPay;
In sum:
Baseline Processing's clients do close to $ 1 Billion dollars a year in credit/debit card transactions, all of it at competitive rates that beat the competion more than 95% of the time. As a Cashback World Merchant, you are entitled to a free assessment of what we can save you, plus when you work with us you get cashback & Shopping Points. We have no contracts and no penalties for leaving us -- if you're not completely loyal because of our lowest possible card processing rates, and terminal sales & rentals, and our terrific service, you should move on. But you won't. And we can offer the best rates on recurrent billing, plus PCI compliance protection against loss of credit card data on your watch. Call us. You will never regret it, plus cashback & Shopping Points :-)

And in addition, Baseline’s VirtualMerchant System™ can also easily help you implement secure recurrent billing, card-on-file systems, a proven way to increase revenue and customer loyalty, without data-loss risk & fines, while inherently decreasing your overall merchant service costs, & building revenue, with full integration into your Cashback World /MasterCard & Salesforce  back-office.
And, for Cashback World SMEs uniquely, the upcoming Cashback World -branded, prepaid MasterCard will feature -- along with the only single swipe payment/loyalty program in the world -- lower processing fees than credit cards.  And with Baseline on your team, your SME will receive the lowest possible costs, plus Cashback & Shopping Points on transactions with the new co-branded MasterCard.
All Baseline clients are put on an interchange-plus pricing model, the most transparent pricing model in the industry, bar none. 
Baseline has no teaser rates: the “plus” and the Cashback are guaranteed for the life of your Merchant Service contract.  There are no cancellation fees on contracts, and each Cashback World SME will have a dedicated account manager within Baseline, to learn their business and to maximize benefits to your business as an integral part of your Cashback World SME membership.
And for Canadian SMEs, the federal government has recently entered into an agreement with Visa/MasterCard that provides across-the-board cuts in credit card processing rates, starting right now in 2015 to be adjusted in April & October of every year.  Baseline guarantees that every one of its Canadian clients will receive 100% of every decrease.
What are you losing by not taking UnionPay card and e-commerce customers, transactions, and revenue?   Baseline can help you enter this huge market, and still provide all of its Cashback World SME benefits to you on every UnionPay transaction.
Are you a Cashback World SME in North America?  Make 2015 a more profitable year, with lower rates, plus Cashback & Shopping Points, with Baseline Processing.
If you’re not already a Cashback World SME, we can help you quickly get on board.
Contact us for a free analysis of your current transaction costs.
See what we can do to streamline your merchant processing costs, directly and with Cashback, and add greater revenue and profits for all Cashback World SMEs.
Paul Schulz
President | BLP Inc
Phone: 604.837.4435
Fax: 604.606.7957

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