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Shop with confidence at One of Saskatchewan’s Largest Volume RV Dealers! A Saskatchewan RVDA member since 2003!

Initially, from way off you’ll notice our bright, state-of-the-art reader-board sign, then plenty more inventory than you normally find at a dealership. Come cruise through 6 acres of land. You’ll see 300 coaches covering 240,000 sq. ft. Inside, up to 30 coaches are displayed in our huge 14,000 sq. ft. indoor campground. That’s huge by Saskatchewan standards, and at first glance shoppers are reminded of the vast RV dealerships found in Alberta and elsewhere. However, the similarity ends there. People remark on our friendly, professional, knowledgeable staff, and comment how welcome they feel upon arrival. TRX RV is 100% locally owned. We’re proud to be the largest in Saskatchewan, the only Saskatoon RV store started from the ground up, rather than growing out of a service station or some other side business. We embody genuine Saskatchewan warmth, small-town hospitality, honesty and helpfulness.

Quality sells itself
We select, and sell, better-built products. Like granite, they never lose popularity. Sometimes we’ve waited years for exclusive rights, but patience pays. Top-quality, state-of-the-art manufacturers seek us out, as they benefit from alliances with quality organizations. On occasion, we may apologize for a bit higher price than an inferior product sells for elsewhere. But, when buyers ‘drill down’ and discover the differences, they most often opt to purchase at TRX, enjoying the inherent benefits of quality; low maintenance, hassle-free usage, better resale value & strong pride-of-ownership. Our value guarantee, Best Selection, Best Price Guaranteed, or we will personally encourage you to shop elsewhere!

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