Pars Dental Clinic

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Our services include, but are not limited to:

- Diagnostic Examinations: comprehensive, regular recall, specific, and emergency
- Digital X-rays: standard size and panoramic
- Fillings: amalgam, tooth-coloured, air abrasion, sealants and bonding
- Extractions: including wisdom teeth

- Root Canal: (endodontic) treatment
- Preventive cleaning: and gum care
- Periodontal treatment: for gum problems

- Ozone: treatment for cold sores and ulcers

- Oral Cancer Screening
- Nitrous Oxide: (laughing gas) available


Pls. note: Lab fee is excluded for the following services
- Invisalign: straighten teeth without metal braces
- Crowns: including all-porcelain
- Bridges
- Dentures: complete and partial, including implant-stabilized dentures

- Implants: (parts are excluded)

- Ozone: Athletic Mouth Guards

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