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Mission: to help clients reduce stress, reduce pain, increase overall health and live an abundant life by aligning the 5 pillars of health: financial, mental, physical, spiritual and social.

Helping you F.E.E.L. (Free Energy Exuding Light) Again to Stress Less For Health!

Engage. Encourage. Empower. Energize.

Are you just going through life, doing the motions, but feel defeated, depleted and underappreciated? Have you wondered if there’s MORE to life? That there’s something BETTER out there waiting for you or you have that DESIRE inside of you to inspire and make an IMPACT?

That was me back in 2014, working in my trained career, being bullied by co-workers, barely sleeping, suffering from condition to condition, until I had no choice but to go on sick leave. My immune system was beaten and broken, at the age of 41. From the outside, my life may have looked pretty good - good job, nice home, nice vehicle, and I think I was pretty good at faking feeling okay, but the reality was my health had plummeted fast.

My Life-Stress Balance was tipped too far into the stress side and my immune system was negatively impacted by all of the stress that I was trying to live through. My journey back to health has created me into a who I am today and has brought me here to empower women to overcome stress, whether it is caused by work or previous bullying.

Can YOU relate? Are you tired of being tired? Looking to live life and shine your inner light again.

Services available for dogs in your home. Free Stress Assessment and customized Wellness Plan packages. Services available Chakra Balancing, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Relaxation Massage, Hot &/or Cold Stone Massage, Wellness Presentations, Ergonomic assessments and Stretch program.
Stress Less for Health - Health is an Inside Job!
There are Eight Types of Stress:
Nutritional - do you have trouble sleeping, a lack of energy, get sick often.
Physical - over exercising, cuts, lack of movement.
Mental - from bullying, being overloaded, overwhelmed.
Spiritual - from bullying, lack of creativity, stagnation.
Relational - our family, friends and work relationships.
Chemical - from the environment, EMF, skin care, cleaning products.
Financial - under worked, off sick, looking for a change.
Occasions - birthdays, holidays, weddings, graduations, trips.
If you would like to learn about the 8 types of bad stress start following my Stress Less For Health Blog 

The first step is to be ready to start your journey.
The second step is to request the FREE Stress Inventory Assessment.
The third is to have a personalized Wellness Plan created or you. 
Learn how to create a Life-Stress Balance by working on a HEALTHY BODY, MIND and SOUL and learning TOOLS for health, wellness, and life. 

Request your FREE Stress Inventory Assessment Checklist.

Buy the Life-Stress Assessment and Exploration Call for $11

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