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1) Treerific Arts provides quality creations made from various types of wires, including copper, steel, brass and other metals.  Based in the Calgary Area, Alberta, Canada area, we ship worldwide.  

Trees are beautiful in their natural state and they always have been an inspiration to the artist who created the sculptures to capture the beauty of nature and bring it inside your room.

We at Treerific Arts believe in the act of giving back, a portion of our sales goes to sending boxes of goods overseas to children/single mothers and families who do not have much in life.  . When you purchase one of our trees you are planting a seed to give a child a better future.



2) Imagine software that makes money for you 100% unattended.  Whether markets go up or down, our algorithmic trading software buys and sells stocks for you on auto-pilot. 

No longer in the realm of "science fiction", algo trading software is today the most common method of earning profit in the stock market, accounting for 70% of the stock market's trades.  While retail investors are told to "buy and hold" by their financial advisors, major institutional trading funds use algorithms to relentlessly skim profits.  The average stock today is held just 22 seconds!  "Taking profits" today has replaced "buy and hold".

Finally a software tool is available to help you compete and win in the market with the big institutions who are trading against you.  Developed by a software development genius and in use since 2005 and now used by tens of thousands of retail traders in over 65 countries worldwide, average investors are seeing remarkable improvements in their investment returns using this tool. 

PLEASE NOTE;  THIS IS NOT AN INVESTMENT OFFERING AND WE DO NOT PROVIDE INVESTMENT ADVICE OR FINANCIAL ADVISOR SERVICES.  Rather, as a marketing/investment corporation, Dynamic Marketing Systems Inc. is not a repository for funds and will never ask you to ever send us money to invest on your behalf.  The broker partners in Canada and USA and globally that we integrate the software with include Interactive Brokers, TD Ameritrade, E-Trade, MB Trading, Options House and Trade King.  Use the software to trade the TSE in Canada, NYSE, NASDAQ, or AMEX in the USA or the markets in London, Hong Kong, Singapore or Australia. 

If you are tired of your financial advisor making money on your money (whether your portfolio goes up or not) and if you are too busy and lack the interest to be a day trader staring at a computer screen for hours, this algo trading software could be the tool that helps you reach your financial dreams sooner.  While you are excelling in your career, spending time with your family, or enjoying a game of golf or sailing, the algo software can be churcning out profits for you automatically... 

WARNING:  Use of this algo trading software tool could cause radical improvements to your investment returns. 

Learn more at http://www.SuccessRobot.com where you can register to view videos, register for a webinar where you can log in from anywhere globally, or book a 1-1 demonstration (Calgary area only). 

Dynamic Marketing Systems Inc. is a marketing organization that provides a variety of business services and is not a financial advisor or registered financial planner. Dynamic Marketing Systems Inc. does not make buy, sell, or hold recommendations or guarantee specific income projections from the use of the algorithmic trading software and is not a brokerage or repository for investment funds. Results and investment returns vary according to the strategies selected and used.

Please consult with a qualified investment advisor to ensure that the strategy you select is suitable for your investment risk profile before trading in a live account. You are encouraged to use the algo trading software in simulation mode for as long as necessary before you feel confident in establishing a brokerage account to trade live with actual, rather than simulated, money. Please note that you are always in control of your money at all times when you use the algo trading software and can discontinue its use at any time.

Dynamic Marketing Systems Inc. is a National Director for the development of this software in Canada and also has global distribution rights.  We seek marketing representatives and business partners who wish to work with us to develop market share with a vision to help the retail investment community take back control of their investments and reach their life goals sooner. 

Once you contact us here, Dynamic Marketing Systems Inc. will be in contact with you to provide a variety of free support, training, marketing services and business development support as we pioneer algo trading software worldwide.

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