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2% Cashback + 4% Loyalty Benefits on Radial Shock Wave Therapy (RSWT)
2% Cashback + 2% Loyalty Benefits on Naturopathy
2% Cashback + 16% Loyalty Benefits on Special and Promotions
1% Cashback + 1% Loyalty Benefits on Remaining Treatments


It is our goal to provide loving care and compassion to all people who look forward to heal and improve their quality of life. We pit our efforts to help them to regain their well being holistically and naturally. We also work hard to provide people the chance to be involved in their own care, to make vital decisions about their health, to be in peace emotionally, and to be changed psychologically in the progress.

The majority of our doctors originally practiced traditional medicine and became naturopathic or homeopathic practitioners because they believe that only through a holistic approach can people attain the real art of healthy being.

The physiotherapy that we use in our center is the newest modification of the medically tested and proven equipment from Europe, Japan and USA

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