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Coaching at Silver Lining is centered on you and/or your team. A Coach is not an expert at what you do. A Coach there to listen to you (goals, aspirations & dreams) and offer assistance to balance the approach, plan the steps, fill in the open spots, evaluate the progress, "hold up the mirror" and ensure performance is measured and achieved as you move forward towards your chosen destinations.

Consulting at Silver Lining is about finding the experts that are best suited to your specific initiatives and requirements:

  • Organizational Development - a passion for purposes getting into daily activity;
  • Training & Development - an eye for the essentials of a Learning Organization;
  • Human Resources - an understanding of both sides of the brain;
  • Emotional Intelligence certification;
  • Labour Relations - significant "real life" experience & a bias for smooth operations;
  • Acquisitions - a keen eye for the numbers, including people-related issues;
  • Mergers - a strong interest in implementation - Group Dynamics & Team Building;
  • Facilitation at all levels - Seminars, Workshops, Reorganization, Projects, Routine.

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