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Nutracleanse is a gluten free, 100% all-natural food product designed to address the serious problem of lack of fibre in the average North American diet. It also contains other nutrients essential for good health!

  • Improve Regularity
  • Aid in Weight Loss
  • Increase Fiber - extremely high in fiber
  • High Omega 3 & 6
  • Cleanses the colon

Nutracleanse is made from these Natural Organic Ingredients :

  • Flax Seed
  • Psyllium Husk
  • Dandelion Root Powder
  • Burdock Root Powder
  • Fenugreek Seed Powder
  • Gluten Free!

Once you use Nutracleanse you'll want to use it for life. We have literally hundreds of unsolicited testimonials like these...



"By Far the Best High Fiber Product I'ver Used"

I have tried eating other high fiber sources of food or supplements for my bowels. Being on very constipating medication it is imperative for me to have a good source of fiber in order to have any regularity. I have been most pleased with Nutracleanse and have found it to be the most successful product from all the many I have tried. I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how pleased I am with the product.

"I suffered from chronic constipation for years and about 2 years ago started taking a 1/3 cup of Nutracleanse daily. I've been taking it daily ever since and have no troubles whatsoever with my digestive tract. Also, I lost over 30 lbs of excess weight in the first few months and have been at my optimal weight ever since. All the best to you!"



"My health improved tremendously."

Thank you for the info. You make a great product, thank you so much for that. My health improved tremendously after using the product for just 3 weeks.


Order today and join thousands of customers in North America who have improved their health and wellness with Nutracleanse!

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