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Cool Canuck apparel and accessories are designed to keep you cool and comfortable. CoolCore's exclusive innovative cooling fabrics incorporate the use of water, thermoregulation, moisture wicking and transport to deliver an instant cooling effect. Unlike other moisture wicking products in the market, our fabrics are NOT chemically treated. The cooling comes from the technology within the fabric. A multitude of hollow yarns containing various properties allow us to trap the water molecule as a gas and actually cool the garment.

This technology creates a self regulating cool zone environment with a performance range between 14 – 19°C (57 – 66°F). The fabric is soft to the touch, stays cool for extended periods of time and requires no mechanical means of refrigeration to perform its cooling function.

We believe that a well built garment should last many years and perform just as it did when purchased new. Since there are no chemical treatments applied to our fabrics, our garments will continue to perform as new, year after year.

Stay Cool!

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