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With our free Cashback App, you can enjoy all our Shopping Rewards while you are on the move!

  • Find Cashback Shops in your area with ease
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Shopping with Cashback, wherever you are!

Find local Cashback Shops

On a day out and need to find a Cashback Shop for a few key items, a nice meal or some souvenirs for your loved ones? With the Cashback App, you can quickly find all the Cashback Shops in the area so you always know where you can take advantage of your Shopping Rewards.

Find Cashback Shops with the Cashback App
Find the perfect Shopping Point Deal at any time

Always the
right Deal

Found a Loyalty Merchant nearby that is also offering the perfect  Deal? Open the Cashback App and enjoy! Select a Deal, redeem your Shopping Points and present your Deal at the cashier.

Your digital Cashback Card

Your digital Cashback Card

If you get to the cashier in a shop and don't have your Cashback Card on you, it's not a problem! With the Cashback App, you always have a digital version of the Cashback Card on-hand so you can enjoy all the Shopping Rewards without the hassle.

Your Rewards

Earn Rewards wherever you are

With the Cashback App, you can explore a whole world of Cashback Shops – in your local area, in your home country and beyond. You also have a huge array of Online Shops at your fingertips, so you can benefit any time, any place!

With the Cashback App, you can benefit any time, any place.
With the Cashback App, you can see where to shop to get your benefits

Hassle-free planning

Looking for a delicious meal at an amazing restaurant? Or maybe a relaxing stroll around the shops? With the Cashback App, you can still be organized even when you're on the move, allowing you to enjoy the Rewards and take advantage of the exclusive offers and amazing Deals. Never miss out on Cashback and Shopping Points again!

With the Cashback App, you can see where to get your benefits wherever you shop around the world

Shopping Around the World

With almost 150,000 Loyalty Merchants around the world, you'll always find exactly what you're looking for; whether it be a relaxing day out, a nice meal with your loved ones, or somewhere to buy your daily newspaper. Find all the Cashback Shops in your area and all the latest offers plus exclusive Deals with our Cashback App.

* The margin benefits are dependent on the products purchased and on the Loyalty Merchant. All hereto information on this website is therefore without guarantee.