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  • Вы получаете кэшбэк (Cashback) и SP баллы (Shopping Point) пропорционально с первой покупки. Указанное количество SP баллов соответствует покупке, совершенной в белорусских рублях на сумму, эквивалентной 350 BYN.
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Про Lilicloth

Our clothes can be so much more than what they appear to be; it is a new way to discover and to express yourself, your true self. Here at Lilicloth, we hope to inspire you to revamp your wardrobe and have the confidence show who you really are, all at an affordable price. This is why we offer clothing for men and women regardless of age or body type because we believe that our customers shouldn’t have to change who they are to be beautiful and confident.

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