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  • 12 EUR кэшбэк (Cashback) + 157,34 >2000€
  • 11,25 EUR кэшбэк (Cashback) + 98,34 >1500€
  • 7,5 EUR кэшбэк (Cashback) + 65,56 >1000€
  • 5,62 EUR кэшбэк (Cashback) + 49,17 >750€
  • 4,87 EUR кэшбэк (Cashback) + 13,11 >500€
  • 2,43 EUR кэшбэк (Cashback) + 6,55 >250€
  • 0,97 EUR кэшбэк (Cashback) + 2,62 >100€
  • 0,48 EUR кэшбэк (Cashback) + 1,31 >50€
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Про Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines, a member of Star Alliance network, is the largest Greek carrier providing at its inception in 1999 until today, full service, premium quality short and medium haul services. The Company has invested heavily in state-of-art, brand new Airbus A320/321 and currently operates a fleet of 31 aircraft with an average age of 4.5 years.

In its 14 years history, Aegean has strongly contributed to the development of tourism, both of Athens and the region, launching new destinations and increasing the market volume. Moreover, Aegean Airlines, has carried 6.1 million passengers in 2012, the 3.5 million of those in International network. The Company now operates 182 routes, 160 of which are international and 22 domestic. As a Star Alliance member, AEGEAN’s passengers can have increased connectivity to 1.328 destinations of Star Alliance network in 195 countries.

In 2013, AEGEAN voted by passengers for the 3rd consecutive year the “Best Regional Airline in Europe” in a worldwide survey of more than 18 million airline passengers conducted by independent research firm Skytrax for its 2013 World Airline Awards. This award, which AEGEAN wins for the 4th time since 2009, is yet more proof of the high quality of the services provided by the company to its passengers, who continue to put their trust in it and place it at the top of their choices.

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