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Spealty Ltd. is a start up company making delicious free from products. The result of one of our first innovations -being introduced to both the Hungarian and international markets – is the Spealty free from premium spelt cracker product line.

The Spealty crackers are suppletory products made of high quality ingredients – organic spelt flour, lactose free butter and cheese, Himalayan salt and flavours. We have created our delicacy by using such raw materials to help people suffering from food intolerance and food allergies with their diet.
We are present on the Hungarian and Australian market at the moment.

Our Philosophy

There are plety of organic and free from products on the market, but neither in Hungary nor in Europe could we find anything with an outstanding taste in both savoury and sweet flavours.
Our mission is to offer nice and free from products for people who are health-conscious or suffer from food intolerance. Our product line will be broadened by gluten free sweet and savoury flavours.

For every moment – Spealty

This spelt cracker is the perfect choice to have with a cup of tea or coffee, which could be filling enough with lets say an apple as well. And if you have it on hand, you can survive the hardest day without starving, while it provides you with a wonderful taste, buoyancy and energy. It is great to crunch on while sipping a glass of wine, or while watching our favourite series. It is safe to eat during pregnancy and for those on a diet. Grannies can also consciously offer it to their grandchildren to munch on. It is also a quality food source for sportsmen.
Enjoy tasting our premium cracker.

The beneficiency of Spelt

Spelt is the best type of grain crop. It is warm, fatty and nutrient, but still mellower than any other type of wheat.
Even a daily 100-150 grams of wholemeal spelt product (bread, danish or crackers) can cover the amount of essential amino-acids, vitamins and minerals required day-to-day. The energy content of wholemeal spelt flour is almost 74% higher than of ordinary wheat.
It contains substantial fats, unsaturated fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins (A,D) and anti-oxidants. The carbo-hydrate in it is slow absorbing thus its sugarcontent can be steadily dosed. Its proteincontent is six times higher than of the ordinary wheat, and is made up of proteins that can be used by the human body much easier. Due to its high silica content, it has a benevolent effect on thinking and concentration. Thanks to its skincare effect,it can be helpful in healing chronic dermatitis. It enhances the serotonine production of the body by its high triptophan content, leaving us happy and fast.
Spelt is also well known for its benevolent effect on the spleen, pancreatic gland and liver. Due to its selenium content it can play a part in preventing and curing cancer. And it can be easily fit into the diabetic diet, as it has favourable glycemic index.


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