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Introducing Shapemaster toning systems from the UKPower assisted Pilates based exercise circuit consisting of 7 tables and 2 seated stations and a vibration platform.
Move from bed to bed to get an all over body work out at the push of a button - 6 minutes per machine makes it a one hour session. 6 machine circuit for a 30 minute workout
Once we have conditioned your muscles you can add in a little assistance with the machines movements to enhance your workout - progress at your own pace building your strength and fitness levels take your workout to advanced level or remain at the passive level.
You will look great and feel even better. Soft lights and soft music makes this form of exercise relaxing sociable and fun.Come along and see for yourself enjoy a free session - you have nothing to lose but the inches.
There's no sweat or strain. The perfect workout for everyone!

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