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Primally Positive provides health coaching to motivate and support you to achieve optimum health and wellness.
If you’re looking to make major health changes – from losing weight to addressing chronic conditions, transforming your fitness, to recharging your vitality – it’s easy to become overwhelmed. This is where a health coach can make a difference by leveraging expert guidance and personal support.

What is Primal Health Coaching?
Primal Health Coaching is the singular coaching certification founded in scientifically validated ancestral health principles. The primal model supports maximum vitality and well-being through the timeless integration of strategies across a broad spectrum of lifestyle dimensions, including nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress management, sun, play and enrichment.

The goal is straightforward even while the biological mechanisms are complex: normalise hormonal responses by adapting evolutionary patterns for modern day lifestyles and effecting desirable change in gene expression patterns towards optimum functioning. The result is a reasonable plan that leaves plenty of room for individual design and preference.

Give Marcia a call today on 0447 568 801 if you’re looking to make changes towards a healthier you and start today!

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