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Raising Einstein is a program developed by a Mum with children who have been diagnosed with ADHD, ODD and straits of Asperges. One child having gone mute for six months after seeing his father hit his mother. All of this at the same time as recovering from an abusive marriage, having been isolated and disconnected from family and friends in a country she hardly knew and self representing herself through years of court proceedings.

You may ask why listen to a Mum... We'll with a background in Sports Medicine, rehabilitation, fine and gross motor skill development, children's fitness and literacy. This mum threw herself into years of studies, research and practical application to find that the very simple techniques she ended up applying were transformational. From coming from a place of complete overwhelm from practitioners, school teachers, judgemental parents and specialists as well as suffering from TI's( mini strokes) at the age of 36 due to the stress she was under, Helen-Christi, placed the power back in her own hands, decided that what was the use of being a dead mother when her children needed her, She applied these techniques finding radical results with in just 1 week.

Helen-Christi has occupational Therapists, paediatricians, heads of Special needs departments, university scholars and lectures as well as many families and individuals who have been involved in this program absolutely astounded with the results.

You will find it easier to moderate and regulate your emotions, elevate your wellbeing, find greater  fulfilment and reward in parenting a child with emotional, physical, behavioural or learning challenges. You will feel better, your child will feel better and symptoms have been known to both improve and in some cases subside all together.
Developed under high stress environments it is meant to bring empowerment back to you. It is not complicated and that what is so wonderful. You don't need expensive gadgets or to fork out fortunes to find success.
Transform your life, feel emotionally more stable, have greater impact on those around you, be more of who you are.

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