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 Pick up, Delivery and Courier Services
offers a range of pick up and delivery services to suit any budget.
Depending on your location, you can hire a Man and a Van starting from just $30.
The best part about our service is that we don’t make you wait around at the drop-off location between certain times like many other delivery companies. So if you need a pick up and delivery service that comes to you at a time of your choice,  here to help.
 Pick up and delivery of:
* Newly purchased items from retail bedding, furniture and outdoor supply shops
* Items purchased Online from places like eBay, Gumtree and BUY/SWAP/SELL Facebook sites
* Items purchased from garage sales

* Household goods
* Urgent parts and parcels
* Items sold to customers of your own business
* Last minute deliveries or back up service if your truck or regular delivery service is unavailable
* Absolutely anything too large for your car!
We also function as a replacement service for a traditional courier. With the Handy Truck, you won't need to pay a small fortune to have a few items moved from one location to another. Unlike traditional courier companies, we are also flexible, so if your job is slightly unique, this is definitely the service for you.
Call us now on 0425 250278  for a Quote Pickup & Delivery 

Looking for cheap delivery of parcels, documents and almost anything else in and around the Coast? We provides you the flexibility to choose a pick up and delivery service you need and a price with CASHBACK as well Can also Deliver and pickup even interstate.

Most flexible option for getting items delivered. You are able to determine exactly where you would like the item to be picked up and delivered to. There are many non standard deliveries that need to be made. Say you need someone to pick up a parcel or package from Australia Post, or you need someone to pick up your house or car keys. We can  deliver your task for you.

You can set exactly the time and date of the pickup to suit your schedule. You can organise pick ups and delivery to be out of hours, late at night, or even on the weekends.

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