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Our World Is Changing RAPIDLY 

Our planet is reeling under the effects of burning fossils as a method of producing electricity, and we have very little time to stop the predicted rise in global temperature that is upon us.

To act globally, we must first locally.

This is where we step in to help you do your bit for the planet.

Our products are selected to help your family "go green" by reducing your reliance on the grid with innovative solutions that you can put to work for you straight away.

Our Products

Reduce your dependence on earth-destroying destructive fossil fuels with our range of low power products, like:
  • instant electric hot water units, that only heat water on demand (rather than heating a whole tank that sits idly waiting for someone to partially use it from the tank)
  • solar panels that you can install at home or for camping that will reduce your reliance on the earth-laden electrical grid network
  • the shower timer to reduce the amount of waste water by visitors, teenagers so that you waste not a drop
  • LED lighting and innovative solutions to transform the way lighting happens in your yard at night
  • eco-friendly heating solutions for your home or office
  • pest control products that stop the little critters from upsetting your place, which my wife swears by!

Our Guarantee

We promise you that if our products fail to meet your expectations to save the world in which you live then we will provide you a full refund within 30 days, so long as we have the chance to work through any concerns that you have about the product via our contact phone first.

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