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Why 2-hour lessons are beneficial for learning how to drive

It is highly recommended when learning to drive manual to have 2-hour lessons for starter learner drivers. Brisbane North Driving School recommends a 2-hour lesson would be beneficial for students to learn to drive a manual as a 1-hour lesson will not be beneficial for the student to understand manual techniques. Therefore, when you do have a 1-hour lesson you won’t comprehend the manual techniques as will a 2-hour lesson would. Successful students often can drive a manual after their 5th lesson on major roads – depending on students learning abilities.

Brisbane North Driving School recommends students learning to drive an automatic car to have a 2-hour lesson because students obtain the ability of awareness of their surroundings as well as the feel of driving on the main road. Students build confidence quicker on the road in an automatic car rather than manual. There are more steps to driving manual and with not knowing how to drive before, automatic will improve their driving skills to merge easier into manual driving. For that reason, Brisbane North Driving School’s opinion is, it is a lot easier to merge from automatic to manual.


Prices Start from $60 for a 1-hour driving lesson.

– 2-hour lesson for $115

– 5-hour lesson pack for $285 ($57 per hour)

– 10-hour lesson pack for $550 ($55 per hour)


$220 Test Package includes:

– 2.5-hour lesson before the test;

– Hire of the car, and pick up and drop off.

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