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My Club Group provides a digital platform of DIY Fundraising products for licensed community clubs, schools and not-for-profit organisations from which they can design their own fundraising strategy. The services include: 

Digital Raffles: Any participating organisation will have access to a library of digital raffles for their own fundraising activities. This service includes a payment gateway, a wide selection of interactive themed raffles and games, fully automated sweepstakes prize draw, login access to live reports and many more features.
Shopping Rewards: Branded with the licensed club or organisation logo, members can earn personal cash rewards for shopping online or locally with merchants who are part of the Cashback World network. 1% of the value of each transaction will be rebated to the member’s nominated NFP club or charity. All MyClub members can access the worldwide Cashback World merchant network
e-Gift Cards: Clients can choose from a range of big brand e-Gift Cards such as Woolworths, Coles, Super Cheap, etc and, once their account is in place, they can send an e-Gift Card to any email address. MyClub also offers a club branded e-Gift Card that can be redeemed/spent via a network of local merchants including licensed clubs
Betting: a white label betting service will be available for any organization from which monthly betting losses by club members who use the site are shared with the host organization.
3rd Party Offers: At any time, MyClub will have a number of exclusive offers for members including such products as wine, travel, insurance, etc.

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