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Unwind Replenish & Relax
A Doorway to Infinite Possibilities

At Soul Energy Reflexology your feet matter!  Your journey is felt and expressed by the way you walk what you feel underneath your feet (textures temperatures pain just to name a few) and how you store information in your body.  Yes this is all store and revealed in feet!  Can you believe this?

Feet  are truly fascinating storehouses of information.  Often feet are not considered as part of the ‘I don’t feel well’ equation.  Feet are on the end of your legs and that's just that.  You don’t often think much about our feet or give them the true care and consideration they so well deserve UNTIL …………….the alert button comes on very subtlety or even quite loud   ie PAIN ,IRRITATION or something that alerts you to them and then we become aware.  Cranky  irritable and tiredness  are just common place at the clinic.   It is not uncommon for clients to all of a sudden realize they (their feet) are more than a body part on the bottom of their legs and they are important.

What is truly fascinating is that Reflexology has many benefits and has been around a very long time.  If you have never experienced SOUL ENERGY REFLEXOLOGY we invite you to take time out for the most importance person on this planet – which is YOU – to come and experience this for yourself.

Benefits are many and varied and may include:
:  improved digestion
:  better nights sleep
:  reduced stress levels
:  total relaxation throughout the entire body
:  removes toxins
:  circulation
:  generally improve your homeostasis & health
:  weight reduction
:  tension reduction
: increased motivation
:  increased energy levels

We welcome you and look forward to seeing you soon! Schedule your appointment NOW!  You will be nurtured.  You will be pampered.  You will feel relaxed.  
Contact details above or email at  Allow 24 hours return correspondence.  

Due to demand resulting from the positive responses of clients  and clients askin for ‘What Else tell me more’ other services evolved.  SOUL ENERGY REFLEXOLOGY emerged and grew simply organically (see below).  These are available on request as a result of the unveiling of stored energies and tensions in the body releasing subtely and in many cases totally unrealized – released with ease.

SOUL ENERGY REFLEXOLOGY  has a host of other services and links with other services for clients if required.

As a result of people seeing feeling and experienceing positive change in their overall wellbeing the demand grew.  Often clients  could not express the subtle shifts just knew things were ‘different’ and what exact aspect of the treatment facilitated the change but that the overall experience was dynamic over time when questioned Hence Soul Energy Reflexology  expanded to become more holistic in nature

So today we are proud to say we have additional services to help you be the best you can and US too!   Keeping us up to date fresh alive healthy and happy too to deliver the best we can deliver.  These include:

:    :    Life & Spiritual Coaching (using tools of NLP Mastery and Energy shifting techniques)
These include:

Facilitation and Teaching simple easy techniques for life and living
:    Rant and Rave session/s – get it off your chest & create the space to manifest your dream – GO YOU!!
:    ZOOM calls providing tools techniques and strategies to be awesome YOU (in the privacy of your own home – thanks to the fabulous digital age!

:    The Power of C.R.A.P.P programs (C.R.A.P.P create results and personal potential)

:    Yoga  -   ZOOM yoga/phone/Skype – simple moves proven to create results clear mind body and spirit quickly and subtly that work!  
:    Retreats – Give back to YOU time  (time out/phones off/pain relief/stress reduction)

We are all seeking EASE and PEACE in our lives – includes US at SOUL ENERGY REFLEXOLOGY – so YOU  can be the best YOU can be

YES a bit of grit and hard work is sometimes required –  coming in many forms mostly an attitude ready to seek altitude !!!!

So at SOUL ENERGY REFLEXOLOGY we are passionate about providing tools to strategize and plan YOUR life on YOUR terms and do life differently to get a faster more sustainable results so you can have more FUN LAUGHTER and JOY in your world on YOUR terms.

We are here for you – providing tools techniques and strategies to assist YOU with the releasing of old unwanted patterns know or unknown conscious or unconscious stress and tension providing you with the choice and  opportunity to release and let go and often in; our experience, in non verbal ways – how cool is that!  

We are about CREATING space for the emergence of the true authentic YOU.  We so look forward to hearing from you.

Welcome to Your Doorway to Infinite Possibilities


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