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I believe the best form of happiness i could gift myself is to see another student learn how to properly taking care for her health and well-being and in some situation, learn to manage her pain wisely. My approach to pain management is through the gentle breathing and mindful stretching. Humbly surrender to the discomfort/pain and listen to the body without judgment but acknowledgement. In other words, understanding and not rejecting the thought process as you travel deeper into the sensation/feeling. The body is wise and intelligence, what is missing is the sincere connection to that goodness within you. Yin yoga is bridging the busy and stressful you to the calmness residing in you. Each of us are capable of tapping on that inner circles of calmness to free us from our struggles we felt in mind and body. If you are

1. searching for a gentle and quite ways to experience the beauty of yoga
2. looking for an alternative way to manage your shoulders tightness, weak/painful lower back
3. simply like to slow yourself down so you could find your sanity
4. sleep better
5. clarity and freedom felt within

JOIN ME to re-claim that wonderful feeling of being in-charge of your well-being again.

"Very much enjoyed the class with Eileen.. A perfect place to practice yin yoga. She is an excellent n inspiring teacher and pay lots of attention to all of us." -Soo Yoong Tan

"Thank you Eleen for a wonderful re-introduction to yoga after a long time without practicing. I was apprehensive yet your guidance has made it a positive journey of getting to know my body again. Your focus on breathing and listening to our bodies is very welcome and you really care about your students and helping them learn more about the postures and breath work. Your classes are very inspiring, friendly and supportive."- Vykna Eileen

" I am so impressed with how much I have learned from Eleen, in that short amount of time. She is a total professional, and provides me with clear, concise instructions. She also makes our lessons enjoyable. Due to medical issues, I have endeavoured to cope with chronic pain for half of my life, without much success at all, until I began my lessons with Eleen. Now I’m experiencing days when I wake up totally pain free. In the past 30 years that hasn’t happened very often at all. I love the strengthening and stretching exercises that I have been taught, and I’m especially happy that I can apply those to my daily routine. Thanks so much for your kindness, empathy and especially for sharing some of your vast knowledge with me, Eleen. I am most grateful." - Michelle Schubert

"Yin yoga is more than just physical health. It is also about inner health, emotional and mental health." - Beehive Financial Services

"Loved every sessions. Been with Eleen for a year, she has very clear instructions. I've learnt to breath in order to let my body to do even complicated poses!" - Kathleen Pong

Packages available:
1:1 90 mins session @ $110 (pack of 4 @ $420)
10 group sessions 75 mins  @ $280 (used in 3 months, non-refundable)

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