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Provider of renewable energy products, particularly photovoltaic solar systems and new technology batteries. Project management,data analysis and photovoltaic engineering.
Purchase Power Agreement:
Provides the potential customer with a different option. This option will give the customer a FREE solar system of a specific size that willmesh with their power usage. The electricity produced from this system will be calculated from the information provided on theFederal Government website section“energy” subsection “photovoltaic systems. ………../
2-2 -Essentially it means that the power a solar system produces will be charged to the customer at an agreed rate, which will be 20% lessthan what it is calculated they are currently paying for that powerto their current provider.
This contract will last for 60 months and atthe expiry of the contract they own the solar system outright having put NO money in. This will then return them the power that solar system produces totally free. So initially a 20% discount off their current price and then 100% off their current price – no money in. This is ONLY AVAILABLE for business.
While customers are ALWAYS at liberty to finance their systems RIGHT NOW deals are SO GOOD that many customers will get their investment back in the first twelve months. As an example of a 20 Kw solar system that might cost $18,000-00 at standard existing electricity rates along with new tax breaks and GST back there is a possibility that the customer can receive CASH BACK in the first year of around $21,369-00.
That is the same as getting your principal back and a nearly 19% additional in the first year. Would a bank give any one that? And at these rates each year would realise an extra return of $10,424-00 BUT if rates double at any time this amount also doubles to cash back in your pocket of $20, 848-00 with NO need to invest more!
Is currently available.There are many sorts of battery applications and generally they are not practical to be utilised except for specific circumstances which will dictate the sort of battery and usage application. This would include lithium ion batteries, zinc bromide flow batteries and gel acid batteries.
Primarily batteries would only be used as technically required AT THE MOMENT, however it is generally considered within 12 to 24 months this technology will be capable of economically providing electricity to the average home. It most certainly will be available at some stage shortly.
Everyone will have different needs. We would prefer to have a one to one meeting to assess your needs for our systems.
Please call: 1800 630 174

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