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Twisted Whiskers Mobile Dog Wash/Hydro Bath is the best around!   We have animal nutrition, fantastic, natural tea-tree oil based shampoos, and safe Itch treatments that really work for dogs, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs and other animals! We have all your pet care needs, including supplements for birds, PLUS safe, natural cleaning products, too!   Just ask us about the great PN range!!

We have the amazing plant-derived  PN Mineral Supplements and Pet Products for your animals! You'll quickly notice the difference in the health of your animals.  When on the PN Minerals your animals will utilise their food better, eventually cutting down associated feed bills!

Horses can benefit from PN Minerals, PN Lactate and PN Activate ( a great Probiotic ) while Dogs and Cats can enjoy and do very well on the PN Pet Minerals!

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