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FMG Wealth Strategists – SMExperts in Wealth Creation, Expansion and Protection Strategies
Offering proven strategies, advice and wealth solutions for Small Business Owners and Individuals in their Wealth Creation, Education, Protection, Succession and Re-Inspirement Planning.

Founder Arthur Panagis with over 32 years experience in accounting together with financial advice and strategies predominately in the small business sector makes FMGWS well qualified to assist you and your business in all of your financial goals.
Our Purpose.. “Living Today, Creating Tomorrow”
Our Mission.. “To assist and empower people in business and personally in the Creation, Education and Expansion of their Wealth”
Our Vision.. “Living your dream financially free”
Wealth Creation
Accelerate your wealth.

Assisting you to build a strong foundation to safely accelerate your wealth through a diversification of strategies and investment vehicles while you’re building your future.
Whether it is best for you to invest inside or outside of Super your wealth portfolio can encompass Cash/Fixed Interest /Bonds/Managed Funds/Direct Shares/Property and then only if appropriate into more speculative investments and much, much more all tailored to your individual requirements.
Self Managed Super
If your situation is more suited to Self Managed Super Funds especially if you are a Small Business Owner whom wants to increase wealth accumulation, savings and / or incorporate your business real estate property as part of your wealth portfolio within your own SMSF -- this area makes this an excellent strategy with many tax saving options as well.  Talk to us – it may be a great way for you take control of your hard earned assets, gain transparency and peace of mind in where they are invested, save fees, boost returns and gain the confidence back in your super that large super funds, banks and institutions have taken for granted all these years.
Wealth Protection
Implement the 4 Pillars of Protection for both personal and business risk solutions.
Protecting yourself through Personal Insurances. You are the most important asset being the income generator – so appropriate Life cover, Total and Permanent Disability, Income Protection and Trauma cover become your peace of mind.
Protect your Business through Buy/Sell Funding, Keyman Insurance, Business Overheads and Loan Protection cover are just some of the strategies we have applied to some of the many businesses we work with.
Wealth Education
Your financial freedom
This is so important. Through our conversations, regular blogs, newsletters, webinars, seminars and workshops we have an obligation to impart our Knowledge for your wealth creation, expansion and protection in pursuit of your financial freedom.
Challenges small businesses face today
As Director of his own small business for over 25years and founder of FMG Wealth Strategists Arthur Panagis is acutely aware of the challenges facing small business and their owners in today’s climate. Our experience for Strategizing, Organising and Advising with and for small businesses owners on their wealth creation, education and protection solutions have set in place solid financial foundations for our many and varied business owners.

What they say..
As a small business owner I was always concerned about the running of my business and never really got a chance to think about a wealth creation strategy for my wife and I. Now with a young family we really wanted to put something in place for the long term security of my family in relation to wealth creation and protection strategies. Arthur assisted us in mapping out an accelerated savings plan as a strong foundation building into a diversified investment portfolio incorporating not only cash and fixed interest but also bonds/managed funds/property and shares whether Australian and US/ International . I wanted something diversified enough to cover all bases so I didn’t have to worry about shifting investments from one class/category to another based on the previous year’s investment returns. I regularly meet Arthur to strategize and annually review our financial goals and that leaves me to concentrate on building my business which is what I love to do.
Rowan – Gym Owner
Aldgate  SA
As part of my families long term wealth strategy FMG Wealth Strategists worked closely with our accountant to transfer our commercial property into our newly created Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) which involved  a borrowing arrangement within the SMSF. He also implemented a wealth protection strategy incorporating death and tpd cover within our SMSF as part of the overall strategy.
Theo, Small Business Owner
Littlehampton SA
"I am so glad that I sought advice from Arthur Panagis from FMG Wealth Strategists after a colleague recommended I have a chat to him. I have always shied away from seeking financial advice as I thought seeking advice from a financial advisor was for high net worth investors. I have since learned that sound financial advice is essential and readily accessible to anyone who wants to secure a healthy financial future.
Arthur was very helpful and very patient with explaining the ins and outs of investing in property and how to build a property portfolio. He outlined specific steps that I could take that would deliver benefits immediately. I now have a better understanding and clarity of my current cash flows and several options on property strategies over the next 10 years. I received non product related advice that was catered to my own personal situation that no accountant or mortgage broker had ever given me. I am now less apprehensive about my financial goals, the current economic environment and how I will achieve my goals.
I highly recommend Arthur Panagis from FMG Wealth Strategists for invaluable strategic financial advice. Coming from a medical background, I appreciated Arthur's ability to articulate complex tax and wealth creation strategies in terms that I could easily understand. Not only was the advice great but it was also great value.
Thank you so much Arthur."

Consolidated super implemented risk insurances

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