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Seminars We Offer:



A 2 day workshop for women, began in 1987.   Juggling home, business, men, children, friends, money, love and life when do women take time for themselves? 

Goddess is for women who want more from life; to find connection with themselves; fill a space deep inside, touch their core self or simply confirmation that their chosen path is the correct one.   If you want to be inspired, educated and nurtured, this is for you.

It gives tools to effectively deal with life…  a journey where you'll discover how to heal and honour the past, empower the present and celebrate your future. 

You will discover:  How to deal with relationships - with yourself, women, parents, children and men; make a difference on this planet; re-access your innate trust and courage. Discover the incredible powers of your mind. Goddess is about unravelling the past, understanding and releasing old patterns that no longer serve you. 

It is a time to focus on yourself, gain inner peace, laugh, feel and grow… a time to give new power and wholeness to your life and to your relationships, especially with yourself! 

It is about rediscovering your strengths, self worth, power and redefining your ability to receive. Goddess gives the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle.



An exceptional 2 day workshop for men.  It has been running in Australia  for 20 years. Is your intimate relationship a challenge?

Do you have difficulty relating to other men?

Can you improve your relationship with your father?

Do you sometimes repeat behaviours from the past?

Do you want to know more about who you are, really?

If you answered yes to any of these questions:

Then step out of your ‘comfort zone’ and join us for a workshop of discovery, fun and enlightenment as you uncover the tools to improve how your life works and reduce the distance from your Head…. to your Heart.

Man’s Inner Journey offers a practical blend of information and experience that enables each man to develop insights into the beliefs, attitudes, influences and patterns of behaviour that impact on the quality of their life outcomes. The workshop offers you the opportunity to identify the aspects of your life you would benefit from changing, and provides you with the tools to change them.

MIJ is a personal development program designed specifically for men. It is a two day weekend workshop. An opportunity to invest in yourself, gain inner peace and give new power and wholeness to your life and to all your relationships. Suitable for any man of any age, any career who is seeking to understand more of himself. By undertaking the workshop, you will achieve clarity about your strengths, your self-worth and the truth of who you are.



A 5-1/2 retreat, held in Bali twice a year for couples only.

Would you like more intimacy in your relationship?

Have you always known there is more to lovemaking than just sex?

Does a union of sexual and spiritual wholeness woven into a tapestry of true intimacy appeal?

Relationships start off great but over time, passion declines and energy dissipates.

Tantra is a way of keeping your relationship emotionally rich, sexually passionate and spiritually evolving.  Tantra shows how to mix passion and intimacy into a beautiful blend of magic which result in a heartfelt connection... It has been called the missing piece of the spiritual puzzle. It is love at its highest octave! It opens new levels of communication and allows for deep healing and transformation.  It is for couples who know there is more!

What will you learn:

Physically you will learn new techniques for love making, fine tuning your body so you are the master of your energy.

Mentally you will learn new ways of communicating, releasing old patterns.

Emotionally you will learn trust, surrender and to keep an open heart.

Spiritually you will discover that sexual energy and spiritual energy are the same. Energetically Tantra will take you beyond anything you have experienced sexually before and learn to connect at a completely different level.

These retreats are for couples only and there is no nudity.  Testimonials available

Also names of people are supplied should you wish to speak to people of your profession and in your age group and city.



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