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Water Filtration & Softening (household market)

Water softening means to make softer or to remove particles or minerals in the water that make the water hard. A common water softener will remove Calcium, Magnesium and Fluoride that give problems to electrical components or water heaters or staining surfaces from within the house. 

Bore Water Treatment (Commercial Water Technologies)

This area of business is expanding at a rapid rate with continual phone calls from four states, including Tasmania. At the moment, the water quality has reduced. We have just patented our own system to exchange and reduce salt and iron in Bore Water for use in the rural markets.

Our patent MRT Water Conditioner uses an electrolytic process combined with thorough testing of water allows us to know exactly what’s in the water and the quantities. With this information we are able to set up the equipment to meet our customers’ specific needs.

Bore Water is often considered second rate water. But with the prevailing drought, Bore Water has become a very important additional resource. The MRT Water Conditioner enables poor quality water, that is unfit for plants and animals, to be made useful. The MRT Water Conditioner changes the structure of the water which alters the way water behaves. 

Water Testing

Water Testing is extremely important in all types of water treatment because we must know what’s in the water so we can give the right advice. This is an area of the business where we never guess what to do.

We are able to analyse the contents of water here in our offices in Wagga Wagga. That analysis gives us the ability to exactly target solutions for our customers. No one else can combine the testing with analysis and application to meet specific customer needs that we do in providing solutions. At Coolabah Water, we do water analysis specifically and focus on solutions to bring water to a state that is useful to our customers’ very specific needs.

Water Filtration

Water Filtration is important as a mechanical removal system to ensure that proper/correct treatment is done to guard health, by removal of bacteria as well as other impurities like:

  • Dirt, Rust, Scale, Slime
  • Chlorine and Ammonia
  • Pesticides, Herbicides
  • Fuels, Detergents
  • Heavy Metals
  • Lead, Mercury
  • Giardia and Cryptosporidium Cysts
  • Copper, Arsenic

In this business, people go into a shop in town and want a filter. What happens is that they get given a brochure, or they are sold products by salespeople who may not have any experience with the product. The salesperson could in fact only have the knowledge read from a sales brochure, no real world experience at all. Most people would not be prepared to pay a premium for advice read from the back of brochure – after all we can all do that. We offer our customers years of hands on experience that is combined with some of the best training available in this country.” "What we are trying to do is deliver great products, have great advice and it’s factual advice,” Coolabah Water Director Bernard Neylan said. "We don’t guess anything and that knowledge comes from hard work and focussing on our core business. We have many customers who can attest to our service and advice and are very happy with us.”

At Coolabah Water, we look after all water filtration equipment sold to clients. People who buy water filtration equipment over the phone from out of town companies are often disappointed because they can’t get these companies to look after the equipment once the sale is over Unlike these big companies, we guarantee that we will look after our customers equipment, regardless of the time that passes after a sale. We have customers that continue to return to us year after year. We look after them from the sale through to repairs and scheduling regular filter replacement programs. No matter how small the system we regard water quality as a very important subject.

"We provide the experience and knowledge that results in healthy, high quality and affordable water solutions for everyone,” Bernard emphasised. "Our experience, knowledge and expertise enable us to create healthy solutions for you to live a longer and better life."


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