Ruski Way Deli & Cafe

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Located in Woolloongabba’s commercial strip, opposite Princess Alexandra Hospital, next to Centro Buranda Shopping Centre.

Plenty of parking.

We cook traditional Eastern European home made food and offer delicatessensfrom Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Croatia, Lithuania, Georgia, Bulgaria and more.

Come and try delicious home-cooked food that is prepared with fresh ingredients and served with a big smile. Strictly no preservatives, no additives. All our food is based on traditional recipes to produce authentic delights ready to eat on the spot or for taking away.

Enjoy premium beans coffee ground and brewed on the spot – espresso, cappuccino etc. or a cup of real Russian tea with a piece of traditional Russian home-made honey cake or Ukrainian piroshki (a kind of savory donuts-like pastry filled with potato, cabbage or beef).

Sit in at one of the pavement tables and enjoy delicious authentic meals such as Borsch (thousand year old traditional beetroot based soup served with sour cream - very popular throughout Eastern Europe), crepes, cabbage rolls or sauerkraut which is full of healthy enzymes.

A range of dairy products is available - from curd cheese mini cakes covered in durk chocolate - kids love it! - and kefir (fermented cultured milk which is full of healthy pro-biotic bacteria) to sweet spreadable Russian breakfast cheese and quark.

Under the counter are cold meats such as Moscow salami, Polish Kolbaski, authentic-looking sausages, liverwurst and more while the freezer is packed with pelmeni and pirogi (Siberian beef and pork dumplings, also available with beef, chicken, potato, cabbage, cherry and more).

To your delight you will find fridges full of smoked, preserved and dry fish, famous Russian caviar - red and black and of course herring is available at all times. If you want Omega 3 fats in your diet, look no further but canned cod liver which is delicious just as a spread on rye bread.

Browse the extensive range of products – mountain teas, baskets of Eastern Europe candies and chocolates, roasted buckwheat, bagels, rye bread, canned delights of all descriptions and much more.

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