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Kinesiology has been around for nearly 50 years now and has grown in it’s applications over those years. It all started with a chiropractor who wanted longer lasting results with some of his patients, and he started looking at the muscles. Today we have a celebration of methods using muscle testing to find out where the cause is and how to help the body heal. Each kinesiologist has a set of tools to help people get better, and by this I mean not just getting rid of symptoms, but enhancing our lives to something more than we can achieve on our own. Kinesiologists work on stress, physiological and emotional to bring the person back into balance, hence calling our work a “balance”. A friend sent me a story about a psychologist who was teaching a class about stress, using a glass of water. The theme was that it didn’t matter that the glass of water didn’t weigh a lot, but the importance was how long you held the glass for. A few minutes, we don’t notice; an hour, our arm starts to hurt;   a few hours , our arm has become numb and can’t move. This is what happens in life, we think that the stresses are small, so we ignore them until they become painful: if we do something at this stage we reduce back to don’t notice. If we become numb, then we become immobile and don’t know how to get better, and most times are shut off from feeling all together as we cope with day to day living. Kinesiology can help take that built up stress and release it, so you can feel better. Whether you think you can’t let go of an awful childhood, cope with what life has thrown you, have a better life than now, or just looking for some relaxation, give Kinesiology a try, you may be amazed.

STRESSED OUT??? Stress is a constant in our lives. Some days are easier than others. We often think that if we are not emotional then we are not stressed. This is untrue, we have consistent physiological stress every day and this can lead to serious health issues. We all service our cars on a regular basis, but what about ourselves? How often do we leave it till our body is screaming at us to change, let go or listen? Kinesiology is a very personal experience that using muscle testing is tailored specifically for you. Regular maintenance is recommended after your body is back working well.Today is the time to start taking care or yourself, sometimes it is too hard to get back to health is we leave it too long. Life can always be better, easier and joy can be a natural state of being. Call today.

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