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Termite Problems Fixed Fast – quick response, infestation eradicated, Thermal Camera detection, peace of mind  ph 1800 075 300 or a/h 0412 698 664

Bill Wright, the owner, has been in the pest control industry since 1995, and with his wife Julie & dedicated staff has 1,000’s of satisfied customers coming back year after year.


As well as treating termites, we provide domestic pest control for the greater Brisbane area give peace of mind in eliminating:  Cockroaches/Silverfish, Spiders, Fleas, Black Ants & rodent control etc.


All of our technicians are trained and certified, all are fully licensed and insured.



We need to have active termites to treat.



We need to have the transfer effect for a successful treatment.


We specialise in getting rid of termites such as: eradicating termite nests and installing termite barrier systems to give that protection and control over your most valuable asset your house.


We can find the termites in your home quickly and treat using ‘Termidor’

Termidor due to its fast acting non –repellent chemistry, low residual and unique “Transfer Effect”, kills termites in their nest/colony.

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Our termite technicians are equipped with the latest technology in the field.


Thermal Imaging Camera that sees in the wall, picking up any termite nests and any distortion in the timber of studs & noggins.

Termatrac Machine sends microwaves into the wall to detect movement of termite activity.

Moisture meters are used to detect moisture in the walls (termites nesting materials or from leaky pipes).


The Australian Standard recommends yearly termite inspections for your home and with Termidor’s 8 year product warranty Nature Fresh Termite Management can give our 8 year Warranty on workmanship of our Termidor Barrier Treatments.  This gives you the satisfaction of receiving the best service out there!


 DISCOUNTS available when combining services such as Inspection with pest control treatment.

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