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Paul Herring Dip FS, Principal of

PCH Financial, Registered Life-Risk*

Insurance Brokers and Superannuation Advisers is the developer of the LEAP Concept©.


What’s that? When we meet with you initially and at subsequent annual

reviews, we do these 4 things:


Listen...to your key aspirations, your   

    goals and your concerns

Evaluate...where you are now and

    what you might need to do to get

    where you want to be  

Advise...and if the above indicates it’s necessary, we suggest a...

Procedure...which will free you up to do what you do best - work on the other things  


The key to it all is the initial interview, for which there is no charge to you.  Because we ask no fee, we would not want you to think that this meeting is not valuable. It is – very.  The LEAP Concept© Initial Interview may be the most significant financial services appointment of its type you can make. That's the first point - what's the second one?     


Our second key differentiator: we help our clients make claims on all of their business with us. In so doing, we haven't had a single legitimate claim for our clients denied - not ever. What's the final differentiator?


We follow up. If you call us and we can't give you an answer immediately we guarantee to get back to you within 24 hours - with or without anything to add. This means you aren't left to stew or wonder. This then is our guarantee: if we say we'll do it, we'll do it.                    


To find out more on this, please call us on 07 3814 3815, 0422 885 349 or email



*We arrange cash for you:

if you die (life insurance)

if you become permanently disabled (total & permanent disablement [TPD] insurance)

if you suffer a life-threatening condition (trauma insurance)

If you can't work because of sickness or accident (income protection insurance) 

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