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Financial Planning 4 Life - the name says it all.   We are able to assist you from any age to any age with strategies to improve your situation.   Sometimes its about peace of mind - knowing you are on the right track or perhaps just needing that little guidance to get you on to a better track.

Certified Financial Planners and Accredited Specialist SMSF Advisors there with decades of experience in the industry but more importantly, varied life experiences.   

We understand that your situation is unique and therefore solutions will be unique.   We are happy to listen to your needs and wants and we want to understand your relationship with money as this often dictates our future.

So we go through detailed fact finding coupled with gaining an insight into the emotions behind your goals and what it all really means to you.  Then we provide written advice to the most important areas and a road map for the areas still to be addressed.  

Education is key too and so over time we would hope to fill in some gaps about the broad structure of financial issues.

Liaising with your accountant and solicitor is all part of the deal.   THat way you gain the advantage of teamwork which is so much better than individuals working in isolation.

Advocate Advisory Pty Ltd is the Australian Financial Services Licence (405576) under which we operate is owned by the advisors and their businesses and is not aligned with any other institution.

We are fee for service and do not accept commissions on any investment products.   We do accept commissions for life insurance products but for myWorld clients, we can rebate this in exchange for a fee instead.  That way, you maximise your benefits.  WIth new-found income from myWorld, members may want to maximise the value of this and truly exchange cashflow for assets...and ulitmately pass all via your estate to those you wish without fear of loss from challenges.   We liaise with skilled estate planners to make this happen.

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