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Overcoming the Challenges of Building Your myWorld Business 
During this course we're looking at how to overcome challenges while building your myWorld business.   Are you having these challenges while building up your myWorld business?

  • Annoyed about confusing your contacts through providing too much information.
  • Frustrated that your contacts sound eager, but they don't return your calls and they disappear.
  • Concerned about wasting a lot of time on people that don't do anything.
  • Frustrated with identifying people that would be great in the myWorld business, but they don't get on board for what ever reason.
  • Annoyed about how long it takes for people to finally make a decision, and even longer to get activated.

We have customised our award winning presentation for myWorld members that are building their businesses and give you some easy to follow techniques which will transform the outcome of your meetings.  People that follow these techniques have shorter, more effective meetings that produce results.  

This course is run either face to face in Sydney or as an online program.  Book in through our Eventbrite system which you will link to from our calendar off of our website and the team will be in contact to process your credit card and your myWorld card, or you can email directly to

For business owners: Executive Briefing - Why Sales People Fail, And What You Can Do About it 
Join this course, along with others from many types of businesses, and learn some of the basics of the Sandler Selling System.® During this session you will learn solutions to the common pitfalls of approaching prospects and selling and learn how to thrive in a challenging market.    Are you having these challenges as a business owner?

  • Frustrated about delayed sales because the client won't make a decision.
  • Annoyed that clients are buying on price and forcing prices down.
  • Tired of having clients say, ''Call me in six months''.
  • Sick of having clients use your pricing to get a better price.
  • Losing to cheaper, inferior competition which does not suit the client’s needs.

In a normal market you may get away with feature & benefit based selling, but when the market is tougher, prospects buying motives change. They become more educated, more reserved and we need to know how to survive with a market like this which has been through the tough and coming out the other side.  You will learn some refreshing ways to communicate with your prospects which turn selling on it's end.  The results of this session is incredible, recently a client that had been trying to close a deal for the last year was part of this two hour session and closed that client in the very next meeting.

This course is run face to face in Sydney, it will be run online if the demanded.  Book in through our Eventbrite system which you will link to from our calendar off of our website and the team will be in contact to process your credit card, or you can email directly to

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