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Jaclyn Christie Holistic Podiatry is a holistic medical centre focusing on foot care, centrally located in the western suburbs of Brisbane. They will assess your body alignment from the ground up through your feet, your legs and spine to your head and teeth and back down again to

your toes. Their focus is in finding the missing key to balance your body effortlessly.

They pay close attention to your immediate concerns and relate them to the bigger picture of posture and pain throughout your whole body.

Whether you just want help with your nails, a troublesome corn, a plantar wart that won’t go away, general skin conditions of the feet, suspicious areas or ulcers that need attention – especially if you are diabetic.


Whether you are a person that has pain in your arch, pain in your heel, pain in your shin, pain in your knee, pain in your hip, pain in your back, even pain in your neck -­ their approach will assist you to achieve long term results.

Jaclyn Christie Holistic Podiatrists assess your posture and foot issues carefully and thoroughly. Specially designed inserts (orthotics) in your footwear will effectively provide correct alignment for your whole body. Orthotics are made on the premises, specially for your feet. Plaster cast moulds of your feet are used in the making of the orthotics on the premises. Follow up appointments ensure your orthotics are providing you with the progress you seek.

If you have pain in your feet, legs or back, your body may be out of alignment and need care from Jaclyn Christie, a podiatrist who has extensive knowledge and skills and with over 25 years experience.


Also, specializing in children’s leg and feet issues, Jaclyn Christie Podiatrists have a unique understanding of children and deliver long term strategies that work in easily with the busy lives of kids today.

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