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M Popovich Dental Services first opened its doors in 1992, in 2011 the practice was renamed Alita Dental. In that time we have served the dental needs of Springwood, Daisy Hill and surrounding suburbs – though we do have patients who regularly travel from as far away as Cairns and Melbourne.

At Alita Dental we offer a very wide range of services including:

Emergency Dental Treatment
Preventative Dental Treatment
Restorative Dental Treatment
Periodontal Treatment
Cosmetic Dental Treatment


We know how important it is to obtain immediate treatment for an emergency.  That’s why our practice reserves several time slots every day so you can receive prompt attention for a broken tooth or an unbearable toothache.  We’ll never turn you away.


We’re sure you’ve heard the adage ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’.  We firmly believe this to be true.  Regular examinations, cleaning and radiographs help keep your teeth and gums healthy.  They also help identify small issues you may be experiencing, allowing us to correct them before they become problems.
We encourage regular six monthly visits.  This healthy habit forms the back bone of your oral health.  At these appointments your dentist or hygienist can review your situation and help you develop better brushing techniques or review the role diet may play in the health of your teeth and gums.
We are often asked when children should begin to visit the dentist and the answer is – as soon as they have teeth!  It never hurts to introduce healthy dental habits in young children.  Our dental professionals provide fun and friendly appointments which can set your child on the path to great dental health.
Once children’s permanent molars are present it may be wise to speak to your dental professional about fissure sealants.
Fissure Sealants are a wonderful method of protecting adult teeth from future decay.  When permanent molars first erupt the chewing surface of the tooth is covered in tiny pits and grooves, these are called fissures.
Our dental professionals clean and prepare the surface of the tooth and use a flowable material to fill these pits and grooves.  This effectively seals these areas from the bacteria which cause decay.


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