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At Bridgestone Select Auto Service we offer more than just tyres

Bridgestone has recently launched a new Auto Services program designed to complement the extensive range of tyres and high level of expertise already offered to Australian motorists at all Bridgestone Select stores.

The Bridgestone Select Auto Services program has commenced and will continue to be gradually rolled out to stores across Australia so keep an eye out for this green spanner   at a store near you. 

Welcome to a place where your needs come first:
At Bridgestone Select Auto Service we've created a unique tyre and auto retailing environment where you can make confident choices about your driving needs.

Open and honest:
We work hard to earn your trust and demonstrate value. We have freestanding customer pods, so you can stand next to your tyre and auto expert and review your service requirements and costing.

Informed Choice:
We've made choosing the right tyre or auto service easy. Information pods, jargon free, easy to follow brochures and of course, expert advice from our friendly staff makes finding the perfect tyre or service a breeze.

Creature Comforts:
Experience an environment where waiting is a pleasure. You can enjoy fresh coffee, a great range of magazines and a big screen plasma, in a modern, comfortable environment.

Our Offer:
Your local Bridgestone Select Auto Service outlet is your one stop shop for all your vehicle's maintenance and repair needs.

We offer fixed price log book servicing to the manufacturers' recommendations, plus brakes, steering, suspension and mechanical repairs using the latest and most technologically advanced equipment.

Does your vehicle feel as though it’s pulling to one side of the road? It could be that your wheel alignment is out. And, of course, Bridgestone Select can help. Wheel alignment can get out of whack over time through general road use or incidents such as hitting a kerb. Bad wheel alignment isn’t just annoying – it can also dramatically increase the wear on your tyres.

Correct wheel alignment is achieved by adjusting a car’s suspension and steering components to ensure the wheels are perfectly aligned to deliver the least wear on the tyres. You should have your wheel alignment checked each time you rotate your tyres and, of course, when you replace them.

The good news is that Bridgestone Select stores have the very latest alignment technology.

Exclusive to the Bridgestone Select network, Ultraride can provide you with the ultimate smooth-riding vehicle.

Your vehicle is made up of many different complex materials and components, from the chassis right through to the suspension and tyres. Getting the right balance between all those factors can sometimes be tricky. Get it wrong, and your car’s ride can feel too harsh – or too soft.

The Ultraride System combines clearly defined fitting and balancing procedures with the use of specialised equipment. Our accredited technicians use the system to ensure even tyre wear, greater safety – and a great ride.

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