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MBT's are …….Made for your Body to:

  • Improve Posture and Balance
  • Reduce Lower Back Pain
  • Increase Muscle activity 

MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) is a revolutionary range of footwear, we are the world leader in functional footwear and are one of the fastest growing (and profitable!) brands in the footwear industry, with sales in over 50 countries.  
MBT are the pioneering experts in functional footwear, footwear that benefits the whole body. We are the only brand with the unique patented sole technology and the only brand to have extensive scientific research. MBT currently have over 42 clinical studies of which 15 have been individually published and peer reviewed in independent scientific journals.
We believe the benefits of MBT complement the growing focus for Australians for improved general wellbeing, particularly amongst what is referred to as the ‘baby boomer generation’.
MBT are like no other footwear product, as they are proven to:
a) Improve posture  b)Help to reduce back pain  
c) Decrease shock to the knee, hip and ankle joints 
d) Increase muscle activation while standing and walking

MBT activate your whole body just by wearing them!

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