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It gives us great pleasure to introduce Bourgeois Dental Clinic (BDC), to you.
As you are aware, the future of health care can be found in CARE-MODEL utilizing a multi-discipline approach to patient management. 
We at Bourgeois Dental Clinic (BDC), and as a unique Dental Treatment Institute in this region, are dedicated to the following objectives: providing a “Center of Excellence” in comprehensive multi-disciplinary care and wellness care, offering complete Dental care at competitive rates without diminishing quality of service.  
Situated in Dubai City, Sheikh Zayed Road, Indigo Sky Building, Office 5, we are in the most luxury hub of commercial services in UAE. Our patients are coming and inquiring from Dubai as well as the northern emirates and globally.
Our team of associates comes from a diverse background of education and experience. Since our setting up the 1st center in Dubai, UAE in 2017, we place emphasis on learning to constantly achieve a higher level of excellence.  We utilize consultants with experience in delivering compliant medical services.  We are an extension of the individual physician’s practice by providing state of the art and standardized examination protocol, equipment and professional courteous service, this includes all aspects of our services programs including initiation and development of the relationship with the physician’s office to providing Medical Examination Services, Data Entry, Billing, Patient Services, Quality Control, Authorizations and Medical Necessity, and Accounts Payable.  
The vision of Bourgeois Dental Clinic (BDC), is to provide the highest standards of Dental Examination and Treatment recommendations in a network of clinicians who share a common purpose in helping patients to obtain the maximum results in the shortest time.  
We strive to continually outperform ourselves in providing advanced technical support and up to the minute examination options.  
The center has a strong partnership with a group of specialists such as Implantology, General Dentistry, Endo, Perio … etc.  

We thrive because of our outstanding service to the clinics and patients we serve.
A six-month’s marketing campaign has started upon the opening of the Bourgeois Dental Clinic (BDC). We aim to obtain the awareness of public as well as the professionals. The marketing campaign includes PR, advertisements in various publications, Radio program sponsorship, Social media approach, Public quiz in selected media, and direct participation in public events. In fact, the information driven through an effective marketing system would be the driving force for the Pain Management Institute. 
Our team of specialists is led by Dr. Nour Al Kayem who is Medical Director of the centre with training and experience in the field of dentistry from Syria. Our other medical specialists have similar international background.  

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