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Chef Domenico and his wife Claudia are typical of the residents of Naples and the Campania region when it comes to food. They were brought up to be passionate and quite opinionated about their cuisine. They have followed the style of the cooking of the region with the aim to preserve the flavours of the local fresh ingredients as well as their fragrance, thereby maintaining a focus on simplicity rather than sophistication. Food from this region is considered to be the ‘soul of Italy’. And this is what you will experience at Pulcinella’s where most of the ingredients used in the restaurant are imported from Europe.
Typical of many of the Napolitani, Domenico developed his culinary skills from his parents who successfully ran their own restaurant for 15 years. Interestingly some of the best recipes are found in the homes of the Napolitani where ‘nonna’ and ‘mamma’ make the family recipe that is decades, if not centuries, old with each family having their own version of the dish. ‘Mamma’s’ cooking brings up images of family get-togethers enjoying rustic family favourites. It is from Domenico’s mother that Claudia learned her skills once she became part of the family.
This is what makes Pulcinella special. All that is good about Napolitan cuisine has been imported to Dubai and what we have is a family run restaurant managed by people who have grown up in the business in Naples who have developed their expertise to a level of excellence. Dining at the restaurant is indeed enjoying a family experience in the home of Chef Domenico and his wife Claudia.


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