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Getting qualified personal with relevant experience at the need of the hour in a growing job market worldwide, where, many Multi-National companies have opted for getting the right candidate suitable for their job through recruitment agencies for their short and long term contracts.

Al Dharis Est. based at Abu Dhabi (capital of UAE) have ample requirements from clients. With our large database of candidates, which we developed over a period of more than a decade, we are able to satisfy the requirements from clients.

Al Dharis Est. is 100% UAE National Company employing Nationals and diligent multicultural Expats.



Responsible  for   the  supply  and   maintenance  of   Manpower  Services   to   major   oil   companies,  local / international  establishments  and  in  public  and  private sector  on  long  term basis. Our expertise in this area is renowned and we pride ourselves in providing the right person at the right price at the right time.

Being  in  the  age  of  technology,  every  individual/business  must,  if  not, have to be in it; as it is the present day tool for communicating in  our  Endeavour  to  get  the  right  person  for  the right job we not only use our agent but advertise/publicize the requirement through the internet/media which is far more faster and accurate, reliable and cost-effective.

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